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Doctor Who: The Ark

SKU: 15997

Quick Overview

The TARDIS arrives on Refusis II with Earth's surviving plant, animal and human life. But, when a plague breaks out, the Doctor (William Hartnell) and his companions must stand trial against allegations they deliberately spread the disease. Digitally remastered picture and sound, plus extras.

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The TARDIS arrives some ten million years in the future on a giant spaceship carrying all the Earth's surviving plant, animal and human life (much of it miniaturised and in suspended animation) on a 700 year voyage to a new home on the planet Refusis II. Dodo is suffering from a cold - an unknown affliction in this era - and as the human Guardians of the ship and their servant race the Monoids have no resistance, a plague breaks out. 


The Guardians place the travellers on trial and Steven is forced to defend them against allegations that they spread the disease deliberately. Fortunately, the Doctor finds a cure. The TARDIS leaves the spaceship, which Dodo has nicknamed the Ark, only to arrive back there as it is approaching the end of its voyage. Partly as a result of the earlier plague, the Monoids have now grown strong and enslaved the humans.


Starring William HartnellPeter PurvesJackie Lane

Director Michael Imison

Writer Paul Erickson

Original Broadcast Date: March 5, 1966

Additional Information

SKU 15997
Original Air Date N/A
Starring No
Format DVD
Brand Doctor Who
Genre Science Fiction
Run Time About 1 2/3 Hours
Number of Discs No
Region 1
Character First Doctor, William Hartnell
Series/Season No
Release Date Mar 1, 2011
Special Features No
UPC Code 883929166985

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