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Doctor Who: The Aztecs Special Edition

SKU: 17152

Quick Overview

The TARDIS materializes inside an Aztec tomb. Outside it, the Doctor and his companions soon discover that Mexico in the 15th century is a bloodthirsty and dangerous place. And with Barbara mistaken for a reincarnation of an ancient high priest called Yetaxa, the history teacher thinks that she can put an end to the barbaric human sacrifices once and for all. But can she rewrite history without disastrous consequences?

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The TARDIS arrives in fifteenth century Mexico inside the tomb of one-time Aztec High Priest Yetaxa. The travellers become cut off from the ship when they explore the temple outside and the tomb door closes behind them. Barbara is proclaimed by the High Priest of Knowledge, Autloc, as Yetaxa's divine reincarnation. However, she incurs the enmity of the High Priest of Sacrifice, Tlotoxl, when - against the Doctor's advice - she attempts to use her new-found authority to put an end to the Aztec practice of human sacrifice. Events reach a climax on the Day of Darkness - the time of a solar eclipse. Ian's unwilling conflict with the Aztecs' 'chosen warrior', Ixta, ends in a fight in which the latter falls to his death from the temple roof. The Doctor manages to reopen the tomb door using a wheel-and-pulley that he has carved (the Aztecs not having mastered the use of the wheel) and the travellers make good their escape.


Cast and Crew:

Starring William HartnellJacqueline HillWilliam RussellCarole Ann Ford

Producer Verity Lambert

Director John Crockett

Writer John Lucarotti


Special Features include:  (220 mins)

  • Audio Commentary with actors actors      William Russell, Carole Ann Ford and producer Verity Lambert
  • Galaxy 4 (64 mins)
  • Chronicle – The Realms of Gold (50 mins)
  • Dr. Forever! – Celestial Toyroom (22 mins)
  • It’s a Square World (7 mins)
  • A Whole Scene Going (4 mins)
  • Remembering The Aztecs (28 mins)
  • Designing the Aztecs (24 mins)
  • Cortez and Montezuma (6 mins)
  • Restoring the Aztecs (8 mins)
  • Making Cocoa (2 mins)
  • Photo Gallery (4 mins)
  • PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
  • Production      Note Subtitles
  •  Digitally remastered picture and sound      quality

First broadcast date: 23 May 1964

2 discs


4 episodes

  1. The Temple      of Evil
  2. The      Warriors of Death
  3. The Bride      of Sacrifice
  4. The Day of      Darkness

Additional Information

SKU 17152
Original Air Date N/A
Starring No
Format DVD
Brand Doctor Who
Genre Science Fiction
Run Time About 1 2/3 Hours
Number of Discs No
Region 1
Character First Doctor
Series/Season No
Release Date Mar 12, 2013
Special Features No
UPC Code 883929318285

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