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Doctor Who: The Key to Time: Special Edition

SKU: 14980

Quick Overview

Digitally remastered Special Edition of Doctor Who classic The Key to Time!

Join the popular Fourth Doctor and the beautiful Romana on a 26-episode intergalactic treasure hunt for the six segments of the all-powerful Key to Time.

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In a story arc that continues throughout Season 16, the White Guardian gives the Doctor a quest to find the six disguised segments of the Key to Time which, when assembled, will be used to restore the balance of the cosmos. To aid him he is given a new companion, a female Time Lord called Romana, and a tracer device.

Synopsis: In an intergalactic treasure hunt that spans a full season, the Doctor is summoned by the mysterious White Guardian to find the six segments of the Key to Time. (Season 16, Episodes 1-26, 627 mins)  

The Ribos Operation ― (98 mins) Landing on the wintry planet of Ribos to locate the first segment, the Doctor and Romana are soon entangled with a pair of conmen.  

The Pirate Planet ― (100 mins) The search for the second segment brings Doctor and Romana to the planet Zanak, where a terrifying pirate paptain controls the most destructive force in the galaxy. 

The Stones of Blood ― (95 mins) The search for the third segment leads the Doctor, Romana and K-9 to England and an ancient stone circle called the Nine Travellers. 

The Androids of Tara ― (97 mins) Romana assumes that the search for the fourth segment on the planet Tara will be simple, but nothing on Tara is as it first appears. 

The Power of Kroll – (90 mins) The search for the fifth segment brings the TARDIS to treacherous swamps on the third moon of the planet Delta Magna, where a massive creature is stirring beneath the waters.

The Armageddon Factor – (147 mins) Only one piece remains to be found as the Doctor, Romana and K-9 arrive on Atrios, a planet locked in a terrible war with its twin world Zeos. But Zeos is deserted, so who is behind the war?

DVD Special Features:  (458 mins)

• 8 Audio Commentaries featuring actors Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, Bruce Purchase, Susan Engel, John Leeson and John Woodvine, writers David Fisher, directors Pennant Roberts, Darrol Blake and Michael Hayes, and script editor Anthony Read
•A Matter of Time (60 mins)
•Making Of featurettes: The Ribos File (19 mins) / Parrot Fashion (30 mins) / Getting Blood from the Stones (26 mins) / The Humans of Tara (21 mins) / Defining Shadows (15 mins)
•Weird Science Spoof (17 mins)
•Hammer Horror (13 mins)
•Stones Free Location visit with Mary Tamm (9 mins)
•Now and Then Androids location visit (10 mins)
•Double Trouble (11 mins)
•In Studio Recording The Power of Kroll (11 mins)
• There’s Something About Mary (9 mins)
•Philip Madoc – A Villain for All Seasons (9 mins)
•Directing Who Michael Hayes interview (8 mins)
•Rogue Time Lords Spoof (13 mins)
•Late Night Stories Read by Tom Baker (69 mins)
•BBC Archive clips (38 mins)
•Deleted / Extended Scenes (19 mins)
•Continuities (17 mins)
•Photo Galleries (38 mins)
•PDF Files (PC/Mac): 1979 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times listings Production Notes Subtitle Option
•Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

Additional Information

SKU 14980
Original Air Date N/A
Starring Tom Baker
Format DVD
Brand Doctor Who
Genre Science Fiction
Run Time 633 minutes + 458 mins EC
Number of Discs 7
Region 1
Character Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker
Series/Season No
Release Date Mar 3, 2009
Special Features No
UPC Code 883929053667

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